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Why Pinoydelikasi.com?
For an idea to be great, it has to have a reason. Pinoydelikasi.com came about due to two standing ideals : First, to provide a hassle-free option to the Filipino pasalubong tradition. Second, to provide a quick and easy way for adventurers to experience the Filipino local flavor.

The Pasalubong Tradition :

Filipino have this long-standing tradition of bringing back to their loved ones treats they have found along their travels. These treats they give as gifts upon returning home and these treats are what they called pasalubong.

"Pasalubong" comes from the root word "salubong" literally meaning, " to meet" and the prefix "pa" connotes "for". So, pasalubong is practically a gift to meet you with, or a meeting gift of sorts or present.

For in the Philippines, you cannot go on a long trip and return home empty handed. You have to bring along some items from your travels and present them to the people who are waiting for you back home.

With this continuous tradition, each Philippine region has adopted and developed a string of specialized pasalubong all its own. Soon enough, these pasalubong items have come to identify the place itself, like Iloilo is to Biscocho, Cebu is to Dried Mangoes, and Bacolod is to Piaya, and so on. And most pasalubong items are in the form of food treats or delicacies.

You see Filipinos are a friendly lot, a friendly lot who love to eat. So once they go out and travel, they bring home some treats and present for them as gifts. Quite a happy tradition really except for one problem - lugging along these pasalubong items while traveling can be very burdensome!

And this is where Pinoydelikasi comes in. It is continued bring-home tradition minus the perspiration!

With Pinoydelikasi, you can share pasalubong items to your loved ones hassle-free. We can send them to you right at your doorsteps!

The Filipino Local Flavor

With Pinoydelikasi, you don't have to actually go to every Philippine region to experience its local flavor. Just browse along our web page and find snippets of the islands' culture and main characteristics. Then skip directly to the good part, order in some samples of the regions' favorite delicacies.

Pinoydelikasi now distributes native delicacies from Bulacan, General Santos, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Bohol, and Davao. Each city has a culture all its own and each city boasts of a selection of native treats and sweets. Have fun discovering each one!

The Idea Behind the Name

Lutong Pinoy, Delicious Kasi ! That's Pinoydelikasi if it were expressed completely. "Lutong Pinoy" or Filipino Cuisine is composed of dishes, sweets, and pastries as varied as the regions of the Philippine archipelago itself. And its taste comprises many qualities, but all sum up to one word - delicious!

Pinoydelikasi aims to share this taste to as many people as possible. Why? The reason is simple- because (because in Filipino is "kasi") Filipino cooked and baked products are so delicious that you have to taste them all yourself.

For more information contact Patricia Cipriano at the following:

Head Office
Holy Family Compound, Banilad
Mandaue City, Philippines 6014

Manila Office
Diliman, Quezon City
Philippines 1108

E-mail: sales@pinoydelikasi.com

URL: http://www.pinoydelikasi.com

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